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What software and algoritm is required to convert the contents of an analog video tape to digital format?

You will need:
  • 1. The Video Cassette - you want to convert

  • 2. A VCR to play the cassette

  • 3. A Disc CD-r or DVD-r to record the captured video

  • 4. A computer with a video capture card (like AVerDVD EZMaker Video Capture Card or Pyro 1394DV Digital Video Capture Card, etc) installed. You will also need a CD-RW or DVD-RW drive in your computer to burn the resulting file to a CD.

  • 5. If you are purchasing a video capture card, they usually come with the necessary software.

  • 6. Cables to connect your VCR to the PC. If you are purchasing a card like in 3 above, you should receive the cables with your card.

  • 7. Software for converting VCR video to avi or mpeg.

  • How to convert the video-cassette:
  • 1. Instal the video capture card in your PC - usually in a PCI slot.

  • 2. Connect the VCR output to the card input on your PC.

  • 3. Power on your PC and the VCR

  • 4. Start the video capture software on your computer, Pop in the video-cassette into the VCR and follow the instructions as per the software's manual.

  • 5. This should convert the video-cassette into a digital movie file on your computer's hard disk.

  • 6. Convert video to avi or mpeg file

  • 7. Next, use the CD burning software which came with your computer to burn this movie onto the CD-R.
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