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How to convert AVI to WMV?

You have lots of AVI files and want to turn them into WMV files?  I'll show how to do this using MovieToolbox software in a few easy steps.

  •   First, download MovieToolbox Video Converter. It's a software to convert of video files.
  • Install the software.
  • Open video converter. You'll see a plus symbol for "add file".
  • Click on this "add file". Now open the AVI file you want to convert.
  • On the bottom with written "file format". Choose WMV to convert your file into a WMV file.
  • Click "browse". Now choose the folder where you want to save your WMV file.
  • Click "convert", on the righ bottom corner. The conversion will start.
  • Wait. The conversion may take several minutes, depending on the size of the file.

After that, the WMV file is ready for you to watch or burn. But be aware that the conversion usually takes quality from the AVI file.

Enjoy this very easy way to convert AVI files into WMV files.
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