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How to convert video files?

Step1. Download the video converter software MovieToolbox Video Converter and install it on your PC.

Step2. Launch to Video Converter.

Step3. Click "Add" button and you'll see a dialog below. If you want to watch a video file - click "Play"

Step4. Select the video file you want to convert, and click "Convert" button.

Step5. You may need to change the video title. To do this, put your desired name into the "output file" edit box. This will be the file name in your PC.

Step6. "Output file" is used to save the converted file to a folder in the hard disc. Click "Browse" button to change the default folder.

Step7.Select video format you want convert for.

Step8. Now click "Convert" to start converting. The display on the top shows the converting progress.

Step9. When the conversion is completed, the folder where you save the converted file automatically opens.

Step10. You can start enjoy your movie now!
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