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Movie Converter - MPEG/MOV/AVI Converter

MPEG Converter, AVI COnverter, MOV/iPod Converter

Movie Converter helps you to convert movie from one format to another. With a new version Movie Converter you can make your video clips ready for downloading on any type of iPod.
In one Movie Converter you get:

  • MPEG Converter to convert MPEG (*.MPG, *.MPEG, *.M1V) to AVI (*.avi) format.

  • MOV Converter to convert MOV (*.mov, *.qt) to AVI (*.avi) format.

  • AVI Converter to convert AVI format.

MPEG/MOV/AVI  Converter does not require any technical experience and is very easy in use. It allows you to get your MPEG, MOV, AVI files converted to MPEG/MOV/AVI/DIVX formats with just a few mouse click! Program help includes step by step instruction on how to convert MPEG, AVI and MOV.

Movie Converter - MPEG/MOV/AVI Converter



You can download the installation of Movie Converter - MPEG Converter, AVI Converter, MOV Converter. The unregistered version of the program can convert only short MPEG, AVI, MOV files.

Free download Movie Converter (size 93Kb)

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Previous version of Movie Converter (size 106Kb) you can find here...

Our programs do not work with Windows 95/98/ME.

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