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Thousands of people today use MovieToolbox to get rid of any problems with watching their favorite video.
Why MovieToolbox? Just because it gives you the best video software, which can be used for processing home video. Exhausted by constant troubles? Tired of difficulties with converting video from one format to another? Indeed, there's no need to know all those things. It’s quite enough just to visit MovieToolbox, to download or update software you need – and you can enjoy your favorite video!

At MovieToolbox site you will find:
· Movie Joiner easily converts and joins video of any formats;
· DVD Converter turns DVD files into MPEG, AVI and DIVX formats;
· Movie Splitter allows quick split, reduction and processing of video;
· & many other useful things.

You do not need to searching, compare, much less understand boring details of one or software. So all your video files can be easily downloaded, assembled, disassembled and easily converted - and you just enjoy your favorite video. MovieToolbox offers the simplest, most reliable and most convenient video tools with constantly available updates! Just download software you need and enjoy your video.


What is MovieToolbox Affiliate Program?
MovieToolbox Affiliate Program is system that offers you to make money at your website by advertizing our products.

How does the system work?
You post MovieToolbox links on your website. The system registers the users who used the affiliate links and credits money to your account depending on the purchased MovieToolbox products, as well as interests on the amounts earned by other participants of the system who have come to know about the system at your website.

How much money will I make?
Example 1. A user redirected from your website has purchased Movie Joiner ($21.95).Amount of 21.95*0.5=$10.98 is being credited to your account. Example 2. A user has purchased Movie Converter ($27) at MovieToolbox website after being redirected from a website of a partner who learnt about the affiliated software through your website. A partner gets: 27*0.5=$13.5. You get $1.35.

How and when will I get the money earned?
The amount earned is to be transferred to your account in PayPal system. The transfer is made at the beginning of a next month as soon as the amount on your account reached at least $100.
First month: $59 has been credited to your account. No payment is to be made.
Second month: You have earned $73 during this month. At the beginning of the third month the amount of 59+73=$132 will be transferred to your account through PayPal system.

How can I find out how much I have earned?
By signing in your account at MovieToolbox, you may have a real time access to browse through link reports and view the amounts earned. Additionally, you may compare the account statistics at MovieToolbox with the statistics at your website.


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This Agreement governs your participation with the MovieToolbox – referred fees, which is intended to increase sales of the Company. You are entitled to participate in the Program on condition that you accept all the terms and conditions of this Agreement. If you do not accept this Agreement, you should not participate in the Program. You can still use the Site links and software products but you won’t be paid for referrals. This may be a temporary program. MovieToolbox reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to change, terminate or modify all or any part of the Program or this Agreement at any time, effective immediately upon notice published on the Site. Your further participation in the Program after such notice constitutes your binding acceptance of the terms and conditions in this Agreement, including any changes or modifications made by MovieToolbox as described above. If at any time the terms and conditions of this Agreement are no longer acceptable to you, you should immediately cease participation in the Program.

"Company" - MovieToolbox Company.
"Program" - MovieToolbox program, referred fees.
"Agreement" – this Agreement on Fees Referral Program.
"Site" – MovieToolbox site: http://movietoolbox.com.
"Partner" – an individual or an organization being registered in the Program and fully agreed to and accepted the terms of the Agreement.

Rules of the Program
You agree to actively refer potential members to http://movietoolbox.com/ Site. For each Successful Referral (as defined below) MovieToolbox will pay to you a referral fee in the amount of 50% of a purchase. If you refer a new member you will be paid a regular bonus in the amount of 10% from its sales. A “Successful Referral” is one that satisfies each of the following criteria:

  • the referred customer (a “New Client”) must not be a current user of MovieToolbox;
  • there must be a bona fide purchase by the New Client for which payment is received by MovieToolbox and is not reversed or otherwise set aside as a potentially false transaction;
  • the New Client must reach the Site by clicking on a link or site logo received by you through the Referral Program interface and not be a result of you creating spam or doing anything that would bring the Program or MovieToolbox into any kind of disrepute;
  • the New Client must have cookies enabled on their browser when clicking on your link to the Site and when purchasing MovieToolbox software (otherwise we can’t track it);
  • when coming to the Site and making the required purchase, the New Client must still have the cookie enabled that was placed on their computer when clicking on the Site badge or link to the Site. This means the purchase must be within 3 monthes of clicking the link or Site logo and it must be an on–line purchase and payment.

All Fees which are payable will be credited to your member account and paid through PayPal system when they exceed $100 and upon over one month since the last purchase. Payment of fees and amendments to the Program shall be made at sole discretion of MovieToolbox. Under no circumstances shall MovieToolbox be required to provide you with any information regarding the New Client, except to confirm the referral.

Participation in the Program
To join the Program and to become a Partner you are required to fill in the application form available at: http://movietoolbox.com/partners and accept the terms of the Program.
MovieToolbox reserves the right for any reason to refuse any application or purchase transaction in its discretion, without notice or any communication to you if it will be discovered that your Site fails to comply with the requirements of our Program, for example:

  • if it contains strong sexual content materials;
  • propagates violence;
  • promotes illegal activities;
  • contains materials of any third party violating copyrights and intellectual property rights.

If a registration is accepted and a Site of a Partner participates in the Program, MovieToolbox reserves the right to terminate such participation in the Program. You shall be obliged:

  • not to use the Site logos, links, or business cards in any manner that could damage, disable, overloaded the Site or any other site;
  • create spam or any other unwanted advertizing;
  • not to paste, copy or otherwise impose the Site logos or links anywhere without the consent of the proper party.

MovieToolbox is not responsible for anything that you do with the links or Site logos. You agree not to use any of our trademarks or intellectual property or make any representations, warranties or other statements on behalf of MovieToolbox.
Each party shall act as an independent contractor and shall have no authority to obligate or bind the other in any respect. Nothing in this Agreement will constitute or be construed as constituting or tending to create an agency, partnership or employer/employee relationship between you and Company.

You agree to indemnify, defend and hold MovieToolbox and its affiliates, and their respective directors, officers, employees, shareholders, partners and agents (collectively, the " MovieToolbox's Parties") harmless from and against any and all claims, liability, losses, costs and expenses (including lawyers’ fees on a solicitor and client basis) incurred by any MovieToolbox's Party in connection with any breach by you of this Agreement.

Term and Termination
This Agreement is effective so long as you participate in the Program or until the Program is discontinued by MovieToolbox whichever first occurs. The Referral Program or any aspect of it can be discontinued at any time in MovieToolbox discretion upon notice posted on the Site. Upon posting of such notice, the Program and this Agreement shall be thereby terminated as it relates to you.

Limitation of liability
You assume all responsibility and risk for use of the Site badges and the links. In any event, Movietoolbox total maximum aggregate liability under this agreement shall be limited to ten ($10.00) US dollars.

Age and Responsibility
You represent and warrant that you are of sufficient legal age to use the Site and to create binding legal obligations for any liability you may incur as a result of the use of the Site and your participation in the Program.

You acknowledge that you have read this agreement, understand it, and agree to be bound by its terms and conditions.

MovieToolbox Affiliate Program

Welcome to MovieToolbox Affiliate Program! Everyone is offered an opportunity to make money with us.
Идея проста: вы размещаете на своем сайте ссылку на сайт MovieToolbox. The concept is simple: you post MovieToolbox link on your website. Our system marks all users who go at the link from your site. When a user buys MovieToolbox software, a certain amount is credited to your account.

We perfectly understand that searching for a customer is equally important as creating a product and that is why we credit to your account 50% of the amount paid by a customer. In addition, the system registers not only sales but registration in the MovieToolbox Affiliate Program. 10% of the orders, earned by the Program participants who learned about the Affiliate Program through your site, will also be credited to your account. All payments are made through PayPal upon reaching a certain limit on your account.

So, if you made up your mind you are welcome to register in MovieToolbox Affiliate Program and make money with us!

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